Frequently asked questions

Do you do workshops?

Yes! We do mobile workshops. For more details on our workshops, please check out our Workshops page. If you'd like to request a workshop, please contact us via email paperandsunshine@gmail.com or through the Contact page of this website.

Can you make a custom sign?

Yes! Please email your customization request to paperandsunshine@gmail.com or use our Contact page. Please include as much detail as possible, including size, wording, colour choices, background finishes, etc. If you have images for inspiration of your ideas, please also feel free to include them too.

Do you have a store?

We do not have our own store front space at this time, however, you can find our products in the following retail locations: - Little Chief & Co, 163 St. Paul Street, St. Catharines, Ontario - Red Wind Studio, 645 King Street East, Cambridge, Ontario

Where can I find you?

Please check out our Events page to see where we'll be next for a local Market, Event, or upcoming Workshop. We create exclusive pieces for the events or markets we attend. Shop with us to see our latest designs or event specific items and follow us on social media for a sneak peak of what's happening and to view some of our newest creations. Instagram Facebook

Where do you get your relcaimed wood from?

We use single-use shipping crates from a local company. These crates have a history we can trace back to the source so we know what they were used for and how the wood was treated. Not all reclaimed wood is the same. Most reclaimed wood is chemically treated or transports products that can leak and penetrate the wood causing toxins to be released over time. At Paper and Sunshine we pride ourselves on selecting and using only clean safe reclaimed wood. While using reclaimed wood can be more labour intensive, we have less economical and environmental impact in creating our products.

What kind of paint do you use?

We use 2 types of paint depending on the project. The most common paint we use is an exterior acrylic paint, made in Ontario. The second most common paint we use is a mineral based paint made in British Columbia. By using these products, we can work indoors as the VOC is very low and there is no concern of 'stinking' up your house if we bring our mobile workshop to you.

What kind of stain do you use?

At Paper & Sunshine we don't use oil based stains. Instead we use one of two options: 1. A mineral based stain which we hand mix from the mineral based paint made in British Columbia 2. A water based stain made in Quebec, which we can also mix the various pigments to achieve a variety of colours By using a mineral or water based stain, we can work indoors as the VOC is very low and there is no concern of 'stinking' up your house if we bring our mobile workshop to you. To provide a long lasting finish to our stained products, a natural bees wax is applied or a clear water based poly-acrylic is used.

How do you get your lines so crisp?

Patience. We take our time and pay attention to the detail of the work and we don't skip prepping steps to help us acheive clean and fine details. Being mindful as we work and diligent with our prepping stages helps us to create beautiful handcrafted treasured.