Such as cheerful way to add decor to a room!  Each Unicorn piece, horn, ears, and eyelashes, are carefully hand cut and painted.  Each flower is also handmade with a beautiful gold center to help capture the light and reflect the magic.  The horn has an extra special detail with a layer of glitter paint over the yellow paint to really help it sparkle.

If you have a request for a specific colour arrangement that is not shown, please contact us with your request.

Unicorn Wall Decor

  • Size: As shown the overal height is 21" and 20" wide.  The horn is 11"x5", each ear is 5.5"x4.5", each eyelash is 9" long, the large center flower is 9" and the small side flowers are 5" each.


    Ready to hang? - Yes, each set includes adhesive strips to attach to the wall.


    Paint details: All paint used is made in Canada.