Looking for custom signs for your booth?  We can create a variety of sizes, shapes and stypes to help you bring your brand and the look of your market booth together.  Contact us at paperandsunshine@gmail.com to ask about how we can create the signs you need.  Prices vary by size.

Vendor Signs

  • Custom Order Details: 1-3 Mockup designs will be sent for approval before the work begins. Once approved, requests typically take 2-4 weeks to complete. If any additional mockup designs are needed, an additional $10 charge will be applied per mockup.


    Ready to hang? - Yes, typically our signs include a keyhole in the back. All of our framed signs can also sit on their own if you don't want to hang.


    Frame details: Stained with our signature stain colour, hand mixed in small batches using a mineral-based paint made in Canada.


    Paint details: All paint used is made in Canada.